We are very excited to announce starting November 1, 2018 we will be doing a donation and clothing drive for Dress For Success.

We will be on Rogers Daytime TV on November 1st as well just to kick off the month.

Luckily we have some amazing sponsors such as WELLA and YON-KA.

When you come in and donate gently used clothing (business attire) you will receive a product and your name entered into a draw to win some lovely prizes, including some services from one of our many amazing staff.

Below is the website where you can donate.


On October 14th two of us Voila Ladies had the pleasure of going to Montreal for the Esthetic Trade show. We had a wonderful time checking out the vendors and discovering new things, some of perhaps we will be bringing here to the shop.

There will for sure be a few changes, such as the makeup line we carry. We are actually looking into formulating our own line of makeup that will be available for sale exclusively here at Voila.

The other Treatment we will be bringing to Voila Starting next month is Body Treatments brought to you from YON-KA.  You will be able to choose your personal escape through one of their beautiful natural scents, with this we will be able to offer body scrubs/treatments.

We look forward to sharing these wonderful treatments with our Voila Clients!


What is Keratherapy might you ask? Keratherapy Products are inspired by natural extracts, essential vitamins, minerals and oils. Keratherapy's mission is to provide people with healthy hair through science and nature.

So who qualifies for this Service?

EVERYONE!!! Helps fight against unruly curls and hair expansion from humidity, or maybe your hair just needs some extra love from coloring or using hot tools.

This advanced renewal system applys to everyone as it is a smoothing treatment that can last up to 6 months; leaving your hair smoother, frizz free and more manageable.



Microdermabrassion Season is upon us!

My Fave service to perform especially as the seasons change is a Microdermabrassion facial. There are so many benefits to this deep exfoliation without it being abrasive. Using a diamond tip to exfoliate your skin to help eliminate Sun Spots and fine lines and wrinkles. Paired with our Yonka Product line, it is the ultimate pick me up for your skin. Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions about this service, I will be more than happy to answer your questions!


Manager/Beauty Therapist